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Stilton Crystal Drink Glasses


Any liquor taste better when served in a stylish crystal glass. These glasses are designed to serve any beverage with style. The glasses come in a variety of styles that would make a great set. or just enjoy that special drink in any one of these stylish glasses. Make that next drink extra special in one of these glasses. 


  • Includes: 1 Glass 
  • Material:  Crystal 
  • Size:
    •  Diamond - 4"H x 4"W (9cm x 9cm)
    •  Swirl - 4"H x 3"W (9cm x 8cm)
    •  Glacier - 4"H x 4"W (9cm x 9cm
    •  On the Rocks - 5"H x 4"W  (10cm x 9cm)
    •  Twist -  4"H x 4"W (9cm x 9cm)   
    •  Layers - 4"H x 4"W (9cm x 9cm)
    •  Wave  - 3"H x 3" (8cm x 7cm
    • Capacity 9oz - 10oz (280ml to 300 ml) 
    • Since the measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference in measurements of up to 0.03"
  • Color: Clear 
    • Due to the color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical.
  • Care: Glass is dishwasher safe

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