4 Sizes

Rollo Circular Frames


This is the perfect frame for our circular prints. The frames come in a variety of sizes and colors to complement any decor. The frames also include plexiglass which is a sturdier alternative to traditional glass but still allows your beautiful art work to show while providing great protection. 


  • Includes: 1 Round Frame
    • No other items are included
    • Prints are not included
    • All artwork is sold separately
    • Item may appear larger, please RELY on the accuracy of the measurements
    • Plexiglass is coated with plastic film. Please remove the plastic film from both sides of the plexiglass.
    • Hanging hardware is not included. The frame can be hung with a nail with the hanging opening located in the back of the frame. 
  • Size: 
    • 5"Dia (13cm)
    • 7"Dia (18cm)
    • 8"Dia (20cm)
    • 10"Dia (25cm)
    • 12"Dia (30cm)
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference of 0.3"-0.8"
  • Material: Wood and plexiglass 
  • Color: Green, White, Blue, Black, Red 
    • Since monitors are different, colors may not be identical 
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust build up 

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