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Petals and Purses Vase


Embrace the beauty of flowers that come in their own delicate ceramic purse vases. Each vase has its own unique purse shape accented with silver handles giving it a delicate but modern look. The pretty petals are included to complete the look or you can use your own flowers to make the look your own. Enjoy these vases as a pair to give any space an inviting look.


  • Includes: 1 Vase and Artificial Flowers
    • No other items are included
  • Size:
    • Tall - 11”H x 9”W (27cm x 22cm)
    • Short - 7”H x 11”W (17cm x 29cm)
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference of up to 0.3”-0.8
  • Material: Ceramic and Enamel
  • Color: White and Silver
    • Since monitor displays are different, colors may not be identical

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