3 Sizes

Tilley Tablecloth Pedestal Bowls

Serve any food in modern style with the unique look of these pedestal tablecloth bowls. The unique look of these bowls creates the look of modern white ceramic tablecloths. These also can be used to give any food a unique and fun display on miniature ceramic tablecloths. Turn them over and use them as bowls for a look of modern elegance.


  • Includes: 1 Bowl
    • No other items are included
    • Items may appear larger. Please rely on measurements for accuracy
  • Size:
    • Large - 7"Dia x 4”H (18cm x 11cm) Capacity - 46oz (1350ml)
    • Medium - 5”Dia x 4”H (13cm x 10cm) Capacity - 24oz (700ml)
    • Small - 4”Dia x 4”H (9cm x 9cm) Capacity - 10oz (300ml)
    • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference of 0.3”-0.8”
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: White
    • Due to color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical
  • Care:
    • Hand wash in warm water with detergent with a soft cloth
    • Please clean with a soft cloth and do not use abrasives such as steel pads to prevent surface scratches

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