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Twister Fruit Bowl

$46 $54

This functional fruit basket has a modern design that makes any countertop a work of art. The open design allows fruit to breathe while keeping fruit fresh longer. Its use is not limited to a fruit basket but it can be used to display anything that will make this contemporary design stand out. It is not just a fruit basket but a true work of art. 


  • Includes: 1 Metal Fruit Basket
    • No other items are included
    • Item may appear larger. Please rely on measurements for accuracy
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Size:
    • Open Size:  15"W x 10"H (38cm x 24cm)
    • Folding size 14"H x 4"W (35cm x 11cm)
    • Since the measurement is manual, there may be a slight difference of up to   0.3”-0.8"
  • Color: Silver 
    • Due to the color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical
  • Care: Easy to clean by wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. Dry immediately. 

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