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Wayan Teak Cooking Tools Set


Enjoy the beauty of wood with this set of cooking tools. This set is made from beautiful natural teak wood. Teak is known for its beauty and durability.  The utensils are made of one piece construction and are made of solid wood.  This set is practical and the natural teak wood gives them the added beauty of nature. 


  • Includes: 
    • 1 set (7 Pieces) 
      • 1  Straining Spoon 
      • 1  Ladle 
      • 1  Spatula
      • 1  Flat Spatula 
      • 1  Slotted Spoon 
      • 1  Spoon 
      • 1  Short Spoon
    • 1 Set (4 Pieces)
      • 1  Straining Spoon -11"L x 3" (28cm 9cm)
      • 1  Ladle -10"L x 3"W (26cm x 7cm)
      • 1  Spatula -12"L x 3"W (31cm x 8cm) 
      • 1  Flat Spatula - 13"L x 3"W (32cm x 8cm)
      • 1  Slotted Spoon - 10"L x 3"W (26cm x 7cm)
      • 1  Spoon - 10"L x 3"W (26cm x 7cm)
      • 1  Short Spoon 7"H x 3"W (18cm x 8cm)
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference of up to 0.3”
  • Material: Teak 
    • The tools are coated with food grade oil to avoid any mold growth. 
  • Color: Brown 
    • Due to the color differences in monitor displays, colors may have a slight difference.
  • Care:  Wash by hand in warm water with detergent and dry immediately 

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