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Astrid Abstract Minimalist Wall Clock


The Astrid Clock uses swirls of gold metal to create a bold look that embraces the beauty of the swirl design. The design is lets style meet function and uses time as back drop to the artistic beauty of this clock.The neverending design is a reminder that time never really ends. The continuous circular beauty of this clock makes a bold statement in any space. 


  • Includes: 1 Wall Clock 
  • Size:  19” Dia (49cm)
    • Since the measurement is handmade, there may be a slight error in the measurement of 0.3”-0.8”
    • Pictures may make item appear larger than it is. Please rely on the measurements for the actual size
  • Features:  
    • Battery - AA battery (not included)
    • Movement - Quartz
  • Color: Gold
    • Due to color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical
  • Care: The clock may be polished and cleaned with a soft cloth

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