6 Sizes

Calypso Metal Lanterns


Light up the night in style light with these Calypso Lanterns.  These lanterns provide an updated modern look to the traditional look. The stylish handles with the different size glass candle holders create a modern look. The lanterns come in different sizes with glass candle holders in different shapes to create a feeling of ambience in any space. Enjoy the dancing beauty of candlelight with these modern lanterns. 


  • Includes:  1 Candle Holder
    • Candles not included
    • No other items are included 
    • The glass candle holders are manually blown.  As a result, the process may result in small bubbles, streamlines or uneven thickness in the glass. This is a normal result of hte manual glass blowing process and should not be considered a defect. 
    • WARNING:  Never leave candles unattended
  • Material: Metal and Glass 
  • Size:
    • Short Round Globe 9"H x 6"W (22cm x 14cm)  
    • Short with Tall Globe 10"H x 4"W (25cm x 11cm 
    • Tall with Tall Globe 14"H x 5"W (35cm x 13cm) 
    • Short Pillar 10"H x 4"W (25cm x 11cm) 
    • Tall with Short Pillar 14"H x 5"W (35cm x 13cm)
    • Tall with Open Pillar 14"H x 5"W (35cm x 13cm) 
      • Since the measurement is manual, there may be a slight error in the measurement of 0.3"
  • Color: Black 
    • Due to the difference in displays between monitors, the color may not be identical
  • Care: Use a dry cloth on the unlit candle holder to remove any dust build up

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