4 Colors

Cool Dog Ceramic Tissue Box


Tissue boxes don't have to be boring. The cool and whimsical look of this cool dog tissue box with cool shades makes a fun statement in any space. Functional meets style and has a subtle playfulness that adds a bit a modern whimsy to any space. 


  • Includes: 1 Tissue Box 
    • No other items are included
    • Tissues may need to be removed from box and inserted in the space
  • Material: Ceramic and Enamel 
  • Size: 
    • 27cmH x 25cm (top width) x 17cm (side width) 
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference in the measurement of 0.3"- 0.8"
  • Material: Ceramic and Enamel 
  • Color: Silver, Green, Gold, Black 
    • Due to color differences of monitor displays, colors may not be identical
  • Care:
    • Clean with a damp cloth
    • Keep out of direct sunlight 

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