8 Sizes

Fluttery Canvas Print

Size (Unframed):

A woman's beautiful face is surrounded by the flutter of delicate butterflies. The pastel colors give the woman a romantic look as the butterflies flutter around. 


  • Includes: 1 Unframed Hand Painted Canvas.
    • Frame is NOT included
    • Canaas prints are printed when ordered. Please allow additional processing time. 
    • Please RELY on measurements for accuracy 
    • If interested, please contact us for more sizes
  • Material: High Quality Cotton Canvas
  • Size:
    •   5"W x 7"L (13cm x 18cm)
    •   6"W x 8"L (15cm x 20cm)
    •   8"W x 12"L (21cm x 30cm)
    • 14"W x 18"L (30cm x 40cm)
    • 14"W x 20"L (35cm x 50cm)
    • 16"W x 24"L (40cm x 60cm)
    • 22"W x 30"L (50cm x 70cm)
    • 27"W x 32"L (60cm x 80cm)
      • Since the measurement is manual, there may be a slight error in the measurement of 0.3”- 0.8"
  • Color: Blue, White, Gray 
    • Due to the color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical

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