1 Style, 2 Sizes

In Love Linear Art Shower Curtain


Turn your bathroom into a work of art with this art gallery shower curtains. The linear art creates a bold design and the kiss gives the design a sense of emotion. Give anyone that enters your bathroom an artisitc treat with these bold and modern shower curtain. Make a dramatic artistic statement and leave a lasting impression with these linear art shower curtains.  


    • Includes:  1 Shower Curtain and 1 Set of Curtain Rings (12) 
        • Mildew proof
        • Waterproof
        • Durable metal grommets 
    • Size:
      • Shower Curtain 
        • 71"H x 71”W (180cm x 180cm)
        • 59"W x 71"H (180cm x 150cm)
        • Since measurements are manual, there may be slight difference of 0.3"-0.8"
  • Material: 
    • Shower Curtain - 100% Polyester
    • Curtain Rings - Plastic 
  • Color:  
    • Shower Curtain - Black and White 
    • Curtain Rings - Plastic 
      • Since monitor displays are different, colors may not be identical
  • Care:  Machine wash cold. Do not bleach or tumble dry

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