3 Sizes

Lilliana Stackable European Iron Trays

Plate Size:

These handmade stackable trays have a vintage look. The old world charm is updated with the stackable legs. The trays can be stacked together for a great display or used individually to give anything that you are serving more impact by adding height. The differences in each plate reflects its handmade quality.  


  • Includes: 1 Tray
  • Material: Iron  
    • Sizes: 
      • Small: 9" Diameter x 5"H (23cm x 12.5cm)
      • Medium: 11" Diameter x 6"H  (28cm x 14.5cm)
      • Large: 13" Diameter x 7"H (33cm x 17.5cm)  
        • Since the measurement is manual, there may be a slight error in the measurement of up to 0.3”-0.8"
    • Color: 
      • The product is completely handmade. Due to different methods and batches, colors may have a slight difference.
    • Care: 
      • The iron is not made of stainless steel. Although it has an antioxidant  coating it still may require extra care. It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. If the metal gets scratched lightly, rub it with toothpaste. If metal gets stained with tea, you can wipe with a damp cloth with lemon juice or vinegar

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