2 Colors, 3 Styles

Sage Abstract Thinker Statue


These simplistic but modern sculptures will add an element of inspiration and positive energy to any space. These abstract poses are a source of tranquility. Each of these sculptures comes in its own unique pose. The sliced thinker adds a dramatic touch to a powerful image. 

They are made out of durable resin with the look of sandstone. Each sculpture appears delicate but each pose has its own strength in thought. These sculptures will bring peace to any space.


  • Includes: 1 Statue
  • Material:  High Quality Resin 
    • Due to color differences in monitor displays, color may be slightly different.  
  • Size:  8-10"H x 4"-5"W  (22-25 cm)
    • Please allow for a slight difference in measurements due to a difference in manual measurements
  • Color: Natural 
    • Due to color differences in monitor displays, color may not be identical
  • Care: The sculpture can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust. Please do not keep in direct sunlight or heat

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