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Verde Golden Utensil Set


Cooking utensils don’t have to be dull. These luxury cooking utensils add glam to any kitchen. These gold utensils hae green ceramic handles to highlight the gold stainless steel utensils.  The utensils come in two sets. The 7 piece set includes the stand that neatly displays the utensils.  The compelte set makes a dramatic statement in any kitchen. Glam up any kitchen with this set.


  • Includes: 1 Set
    • Set A includes 6 utensils and stand
    • Set B includes 6 utensils and NO stand
  • Size:
    • 1 Flat Spatula - 14"L x 4"W (35cm x 10cm)
    • 1 Slotted Spatula - 14"L x 3"W (34cm x 8cm)
    • 1 Ladle - 13"W x 4"W (33cm x 10cm)
    • 1 Slotted Spoon - 14"L x 5"W (35cm x 12cm)
    • 1 Pasta Spoon - 12"L x 4"W (32cm x 9cm)
    • 1 Large Spoon - 11"L x 3"W (28cm x 8cm)
    • 1 Stand - 16"L x 6"W (41cm x 14cm)
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be a slight difference of up to 0.3"
  • Material:  Food Grade stainless Steel, Ceramic Handles
    • Note:  Due to the manufacturing process, there may be a occassional black spots, pin holes or small pits which will nto affect the use fo the untensils. Sinc ethis is part of the manufacturing process, this shoudl not be considered a defect.  
  • Color: Gold Metal and Green Ceramic Handle
    • Due to color differences in monitor displays, colors may not be identical
  • Care:
    • Hand wash and dry immediately
    • Please clean with a soft cloth.  Do not use abrasive cleaners. 
    • Avoid placing in a humid place and keep tje surface dry
    • Avoid soaking in water for long periods of time and wipe dry toa void rust 

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